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The Association of Journalists and Commentators (ZNP) was established in 2007 with an aim to protect the interests of journalists in Slovenia and warn about the anomalies in the media space and problems faced by the journalists. The Association was founded by several renowned journalists from different media houses. In the last years, it has developed into a distinguished organisation of journalists, contributing significantly with its views and warnings to the regulation of media space, participating in shaping the media legislation and spreading the interests of journalists.

The Foundation Statement of the Association states that we wish to contribute to strengthening the freedoms of speech and media as the fundamental rights of individuals and social groups in Slovenia. In our opinion, provision of information to the public and freedom of public expression are the foundations of the modern Slovenian society, and it is no longer possible to imagine how democratic institutions and democracy would be able to function without them. The purpose of the Association is to provide the conditions and possibilities for work and professional development of members and the entire Slovenian journalism in collaboration with educational and research institutions and all those who share the values of an open and democratic society.

A member of the Association can be anyone who engages in publicity, editorial or related activities. The members are, among other things, entitled to receive help in legal actions, and we also strive to maintain communication and mutual solidarity between the members of ZNP and journalists and commentators in general.

The Association is led by the President, Vice-President and Management Board. We also have a Court of Honour which checks whether our members comply with the Journalistic Code. Since 2011, the Association has been handing out the Borut Meško Awards that are given for special achievements in the field of journalism. Borut Meško was a journalist who bravely withstood all political pressures and harassments but in the end, unfortunately, succumbed to a disease.


Združenje novinarjev in publicistov (ZNP)

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